Chuck Wilkerson Winning Hearts and Minds in 2012

This site was created to promote Chuck Wilkerson's bid against Democratic liberal Congressman Henry Waxman in the 2012 elections in California's 30th congressional district. Henry Waxman​ won with 67% of the vote. Chuck Wilkerson came in second with 32% of the vote. After the failed bid to unseat Henry Waxman this site's purpose was finished and its domain eventually expired.

Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

I had followed Chuck Wilkerson's run in 2012 since this very conservative, small government, a common sense constitutionalist was pitting his values against Henry Waxman​ who was probably one of the most influential liberal members of Congress. Although Chuck Wilkerson Campaign was underfunded, understaffed, and those who worked for him were dedicated, hardworking, and optimistic working for love of country - not money. My sister-in-law was one of his volunteers. I happened to be in CA contacting clients and potential clients for the company I work for. Although we sell all sorts of janitorial supplies, this particular trip was to promote our bulk paper towels & paper products. After being on the road / phone discussing why company X or company Z should shop at CleanItSupply because of our vast array of top quality, wholesale paper products and dispensers from trusted name brands such as Cottonelle, Kleenex, Procter & Gamble, Boardwalk, Windsoft, San Jamar, Palmer, among others, I would arrive back at my brothers place to hear about Chuck Wilkerson's and his campaign. It was rather refreshing after talking all day about "paper products in bulk, along with eco-friendly paper products for environmentally conscious consumers," which is always a good selling point in California. I mention this because the Convention Center where Wilkerson was holding a rally was one of the customers I was visiting - my job was upselling our paper products line! As the election due near, tensions rose accordingly in the household when it became pretty apparent that Waxman was going to win.

I believe that the information on 's archived pages is still important and should be available for online​ viewing if for no other reason than for historical purposes​.





Winning Hearts and Minds in 2012
Chuck Wilkerson
3 November 2010

The election on Tue 11/02/10 for California’s 30th Congressional District was not a happy outcome for those who are concerned about the fleeing of the Democrat Party from common sense constitutional principles.

This trend has been in place since the loss of President John F. Kennedy, a solid free market capitalist and across-the-board tax cutter. It has dramatically intensified since the inauguration of President Obama.

In the past two years, we’ve seen an attempt to enforce a radical political agenda on the nation. This agenda appears to be nothing less than the total domination of American society by the federal government.

What I Believe about the Role of Government

The role of government in the lives of citizens who formed that government (over two centuries ago) is at the forefront of my being. I love to interact with people, and enjoy a good joke and a good political discussion, however, it’s long past time for some serious discussion about the role of the federal government.

In that regard, I am happily devoting the rest of my life to reclaiming a constitutional republic as envisioned by the founding fathers for the people of this country. It is, after all, the only form of government that actually works for human beings. It is truth. The other form of government relies on the big lie that one can become subservient to the state and still live happily.

I believe to the depths of my soul that it is the destiny of human beings to live in liberty and freedom from the tyranny of those who would dominate them. The US constitution is not an old fashioned document, as it was designed to address a problem which never changes: human nature - especially that most egregious aspect of human nature: the urge to dominate, the urge to control.

Ask Yourself This

Try talking to someone who lived in Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba or in Eastern Europe under Soviet domination. They will all tell you that we Americans do not realize what a precious commodity we have in this country: our freedom. They will tell you that we are throwing it away by continuing to elect those who lie to us and who have as their driving motive power over us. This is an "end" which to those aligned with this movement justifies "any means necessary".

Have young people ever asked themselves why people all over the world will do practically anything to become citizens of the United States or, as a minimum, stay here and live and work by means of a work visa?

It’s called “American exceptionalism” and it’s not because we have a superior brand of human beings. Neither is it about a superior culture. We are, after all, truly a melting pot of cultures as exemplified by or motto E Pluribus Unum which means “out of many, one”.

None of the above. It’s simply because we have an exceptional document, a unique document in the whole of human history. We have a document written by a free people which limits the power of government!

Many of us have died to defend the freedoms which are protected by that document. It is a document worth defending with one’s life for, after all, what is life without freedom? Ask anyone who has lived under almost any other government on the planet. You will have your answer in short order.

Revolution in a Free Society

Imagine, although it may be difficult for some, a society in which government has assumed the role envisioned by the founding fathers of the United States of America. If one would like to consider real revolution at a human level, simply consider the fortunes of those in business in such a society who do not compete effectively. They go out of business! Talk about revolution. Talk about “change one can believe in”! This is change that fits human nature. This is revolution by which one can be motivated to do one’s best.

What we have in this country is a war, while not violent, it is a war nonetheless. Those on my side of the political aisle have awakened and will never sleep again. It's called the "tea party" movement. While this movement has been much criticized by certain elements of the media, one should ask oneself “What is the criticism all about? Who are the ‘tea partiers’?”

Very simply, they comprise a true grass roots movement – one not seen in this country since the days of the civil rights movement of the great Martin Luther King. It’s a movement caused by alarm at out-of-control spending by career politicians in Washington who do not appear to be accountable to the people – except during election time.

The Future of this Campaign

This campaign was formed for the purpose of replacing Congressman Henry Waxman with a common sense constitutionalist.

I chose to run against Mr. Waxman primarily because of his allegiance to the scientific myth that human activity affects the Earth’s climate. Those who support this myth, in spite of evidence to the contrary practically screaming to be heard, would set this country on a disastrous course based on a lie.

Mainly, I chose to run against congressman Waxman for his support of policies which not only kill jobs and stifle incentive but create a strong dependency on big government.

In the next two years, I will continue telling it like it is and looking for the opportunity to speak to you, the citizen of the California 30th Congressional District about what actually works best for you when it comes to the role of government in your life.

To those who voted for me on Nov 2nd, thank you for your support. For those who didn’t, I look forward to meeting you and discussing our principles, yours and mine, as well as solutions to our problems.

Warmest Regards for a Bright Future under a government of the people, by the people and for the people, I am
Yours Very Truly,

Charles “Chuck” Wilkerson
Candidate for the California 30th Congressional District
On 6 November 2012

For further information, please contact Chuck Wilkerson at
The Chuck Wilkerson for Congress Committee
PO Box 881810
Los Angeles, Ca 90009-1810





By Chuck Wilkerson
2 May 2010

This is not about what one may consider moral and another immoral. It’s the lesson of history about human nature and ultimately about the many centuries of wisdom employed by the founding fathers of America in the drafting of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

To the point of this web site and my candidacy for the U.S. Congress in California’s 30th Congressional District, it’s about what serves as my guiding principles in all of my endeavors in the Congress.

Our Declaration of Independence declares that “[human beings] are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights –- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men [standing in an enlightened era for both men and women], deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The founders wrote a Constitution which spells out in writing the powers and form of that Government as well as the means by which that written constitution may be changed.

There are two sides to the “Great American Political Divide” (see article so titled in this web site), one believing in these two documents as they now stand in writing, the other believing something else.

That something else reflects the thinking of those who hold that Government should be the central planner and ultimate controller of human activity for whatever reason: society cannot work without a strong government, people in general are not capable of governing themselves properly, life is unfair and that condition should be corrected in order to have social justice, … or whatever intellectual idea occurs to them to support their innate desire to dominate or to be in control of other human beings.

Henry Waxman obviously believes in central planning and government control; his voting record in the U.S. Congress shows this plainly since he is on record as being one of the most liberal congressman ever to hold public office. This candidate is solidly on the side of the founding fathers. 



US Marine Corps 3 years, Korean service 1952
Education: Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering
Systems and payloads development engineering primarily for Department of Defense and other government agencies on classified programs:

  • Worked for three major aerospace companies 1960 thru 1979
  • Self-employed consultant 1979 thru 1982
  • Owner and CEO of 5-man aerospace engineering company 1982 thru 2009, a CA C-Corp

Student of and lecturer on global warming science and politics

Outspoken advocate of common sense constitutional government and conservative government policies via ‘letters to the editor’, political email group, and conservative and Republican groups and institutions since 1990.

Served on City Planning Commission 4 years

Member and donor to:

  • Disabled American Veterans (Commander’s Club)
  • Marine Corps Foundation
  • The Leadership Institute
  • Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, ACLJ,
  • RNC, ACU, Tea Party, Judicial Watch,
  • NRA, Oath Keepers, FreedomWorks